1. Violence, jealousy and lies: If the fights with your partner have been taking another nuance, if they verbally or physically attack you should end that relationship immediately, because it is proven that the aggressiveness will increase, and you can not put your life in risk. The same if you lie continually or have defraudo your confidence.


2. Dependent manipulator: If your partner subtly obliges you to do certain things because you are convinced that they are good for you, you should put a stop, because sometimes they dominate you arguing good reasons, but in reality everything operates for their own benefit. No relationship based on fear can thrive.


3. No projects of their own: They have had a relationship for years and the routine has overwhelmed them. Everything is based on custom, there is no emotion, no feelings, no passion. Neither plan to marry, nor live together, do not want to have children, only see time spent holding hands.


4. Selfishness. Everyone knows when he is selfish and when the other is selfish. Selfishness does not allow love to develop. In addition to judging their families on a mutual basis, not approve, not give value to what the other feels or thinks. All this speaks of that there is no real encounter between the two.


5.- Lack of love: It is valid that feelings change. It may be that over time the relationship has cooled down and you no longer feel the same love for your partner. It does not mean that you stop caring as a person, only that the feeling is different. Then it’s time to let it go. Both deserve to be with someone who loves and respects them above all else.


From infidelity to lies, through to monotony, continuous reproaches and economic problems, there are many causes that can lead to deciding to end a relationship. The most important is when you no longer feel love for the other, and only you know when it happens. Honesty with yourself is indispensable.



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