We already know most of the symptoms of depression, as well as its consequences, but there is a field that is particularly affected by depression and barely spoken, because it belongs to the most intimate terrain. We are talking about sex.

There are several reasons why sexual relations are adversely affected in a case of depression, all of which can be treated and resolved. But for this you have to know how to recognize them and also discuss them with the specialist. In any case, this issue of sexual relations in depression seems important because it can lead to the end of the couple.

Sex and depression

One of the main symptoms of depression is the lack of interest in everything, and that includes sexual intercourse. And as a symptom or as a consequence, anhedonia or the inability to enjoy anything is also very frequent, and that includes, again, sexual relations.

But there is more. Antidepressants, so feared by the number of side effects, seem to reduce libido and sexual desire, which coupled with the typical symptoms of depression of tiredness and lack of interest, results in a null sex life during the process Recovery from depression.

The lack of self-esteem, so frequent in a depressive state is another factor that can alter sexual relations. And all this becomes a bomb that can dynamite the foundations of a couple. We are not talking about sex being the priority of a couple, let alone a person with depression, but identifying a real problem and finding a solution.

Prevent depression from affecting sex

This inappetence, this lack of desire and interest in having sexual relations in a couple when the depression appears can cause a great misunderstanding in your partner, who is despised without understanding very well the reasons. Therefore, the first step in reducing the consequences of depression in your sex life is to talk to your partner, make him feel valued and understand that your lack of interest is a physiological problem and not an attitude.

The second step is also talking, but talk to the doctor who has prescribed antidepressants. And most people, when they go to review their treatment for depression, omit or perhaps “forget” mention the problems that have appeared in relation to their sex life. If you discuss these issues with your doctor, you may be able to resolve them by changing the antidepressants or by simply adjusting the dose.

Although the most important thing is to try to see the situation from a realistic and objective perspective. Do not neglect or ignore the importance of sexual relationships in your life as a couple, but do not push or pressure. As treatment for depression becomes effective, your life will normalize, but overcoming a depression requires, above all, time.


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