There is a great fear among many men to look slimy when they go to talk to a woman who interests them. Many women are too frightened when they talk to them. It is completely normal, but I do not know, for fear of messing up and being rejected.

The first thing to keep in mind is that whether or not we like the other person does not depend on us. And it does not depend on the correct words, so I can not give you a script.

The second thing to keep in mind is that you have to distinguish between slimy and interested. There is nothing wrong with being interested in someone in particular. Someone who is interested in someone else, talks, cares about their life, and tells them the things they like about that person in a genuine and sincere way.

Somebody slimy, in my opinion, is someone who does not really care about the other person for what it is, but wants to bed with her at all costs. He is not interested in his life, but the question about his life to pretend that interests him and so get to bed with her. And we invite drinks or gifts without feeling a connection with it. And that despite the fact that the other person is what signals that he does not want anything, he continues and continues to annoy, he continues and he continues to intention. What I understand as slimy is a dishonest person, selfish, very heavy and that anything to lie down with agluien. And I would not be surprised that many of them have to go to prostitutes.

In any case it is not worth worrying about whether or not you are going to look like a slug, because you know it is not like that, just son imaginations.

There is nothing wrong with being interested, even sexually, by someone we do not know yet, but you have to talk and get to know that person, and you have to know how to bring rhythms.

Many men go to bed with the first pretty girl that the case did, but what if that girl really wants to steal the money? If it’s a man And if it’s a prostitute? What if she’s a psychopath? You have to know that person before you know if they really convert you, even if you really like it a priori.

My advice is:

If you really care about that woman, there’s nothing wrong with starting a conversation with the natural world mayor, and not afraid to look like anything. Speaking as if and well-known from long ago, as if you were with your best friend, naturally and spontaneously. Make a comment about something in the environment that can lead to an initial conversation; Or talk about things that are not found: the place where you are, the friends in common, the class you are going together …

What is said at the beginning is not so important, you can start a conversation in infinite ways, you just have to open your mouth, say something, look at your face and smile a little. It works very well to say the first thing that goes through your head. Saying “hello” is a good way to start. And a “what a day” very good way to continue.

There are other types of phrases that I sometimes like to use, which are sincere. For example, you do not know what to say; “Hello, I see you and I wanted to talk to you, but I’m not sure how to tell you”, surely his smile. And whenever she smiles is good. For example: “I’ve been looking at you, but I did not dare to approach, because I feel a little bad” but if you are sincere she will always value it.

Then if the other person puts a bit of their part a conversation started.

If that person feels a pleasure with you for your body language: smiles, naturalness, flowing conversations, jokes … and I can introduce you by your name.

If you have met her in a pub or disco, do not invite her to drinks. It makes them feel like you’re paying for them.

A part of the trivial conversation you have, try to communicate what you think of that person, what you like to ellam, in a sincere way. Do not say: “How pretty you are” say “I like your smile”. And do it as if it were normal for you to say these things, (until it is)

If you want to appear on this site, you can stop asking questions: “I hope I do not look like a child but … I like your smile” (or whatever)

If there is something that you really value about her, not just her physique, but her way of thinking, let her know.

When you start expressing in a sincere way she will also do it, and she will start to feel more and more confident.

Have a sense of humor, just like if you are with your best friend. And treat it as equals. Do not treat her as if she deserves better treatment than other people.


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